Yoga Therapy in Ocean Beach, San Diego, Ca

Yoga is a gift to us and Therapeutic

Arc Yoga & Massage offers Traditional Hatha Yoga to their clients Personalized Yoga Sessions. Each class is Tailored/Designed with specific needs of our clients, where they learn and practice not only Asanas (Yoga Poses) but a lot more, depending on individuals goals.

You Learn and Incorporate Traditional Hatha Yoga to Cultivate Positive Thinking

Yogic Breathing; Pranayama - Breathing techniques, there are many, but we will start with the basic one

Asanas; Yoga Poses are best for you and props used to give you level of comfort

Meditation; To calm the mind

Relaxation; Physical, Mental and Spiritual

Cooking; Vegetarian food with Indian Herbs and Spices


Depression, Anxiety, Injuries, Trauma, Addictions, Emotional Issues / Disorders and lot more.

By Appointments Only ~ All sessions are 60 minutes

Single session $75

8 sessions $ 480

12 Sessions $ 600