Yoga 1: Beginners Course- (4 Weeks Course)

About the Course

Yoga 1 courses are the most thorough introduction for a beginner to the Sivananda tradition, or for anyone looking to renew their practice of Hatha yoga. This 4-week,  course provides a complete introduction to yoga, including:

• Yoga postures (asanas)
• Breathing exercises (pranayama)                                                    • Relaxation techniques
• Proper diet
• Positive thinking & meditation

Course Highlights                                                                                               Schedule:

 ·       Course is taught in small size                                                              Days      Dates                        Time                             Spots                    

·       Starting point for learning the Asanas (postures)                               Sat         May7th -May 28th   10.00am-12.00pm    5

·       Step by step approach to increase strength and flexibility                

·       Develop proper breathing habits, concentration & relaxation           Cost: $175


·       All registrations to be done online, prior to the closing date.

·       Bring a friend or a family member, and receive 15% Discount on your price.

·       All payment to be made in full.

What to bring:

·       Please arrive 15 minutes before each class. 

·       Bring yourself with a friend or a family member.

·       A Pillow/ Meditation cushion/ Yoga Blanket.

·       Wear loose comfortable clothing, to be able to sit.