Arc Yoga Open-Level

Monday, Tuesday,               Wednesday, Thursday                             6-7:30pm                                       Tuesday & Thursday                             10-11:30am

An Open-Level Arc Yoga Class is based in the Sivananda Yoga tradition. Each class encompasses proper breathing, flexibility, strength and vitality in the body while calming the mind. This traditional approach allows for a deeply meditative practice benefiting body, mind and spirit. The perfect class for those looking to begin a yoga practice based in the classical Sivananda tradition and those who wish to deepen their practice and integration of the Yogic Lifestyle.

 Open to all levels of experience, including those new to yoga. 

An Open Class includes:

Initial relaxation (Savasana)
Breath exercises (Pranayama)
Sun salutation (Surya Namaskar)
12 basic postures (Asanas)
Final relaxation (Savasana)

Arc Yoga Therapeutics

Monday & Wednesday                         10-11:30am

This class is great for regular practitioners to gain a deeper understanding of yoga and it's potential to heal the body and for those looking for relief from a specific mental or physical ailment, dis-ease or injury. Each class is informative and empowering as it is specifically designed to cater to the needs of each student. This is the perfect class for those working with chronic pain, injury recovery, effects of aging, overall stiffness, anxiety, stress and more. 

Arc Yoga Advanced                  

Friday                                                      9-11am

Based in the Sivananda tradition, in this class you can expected deeper integration of pranayma and longer held postures. Intermediate and advanced variations are also added to challenge both body and mind. As preparation we recommend taking the Arc Open-Level prior to attending.

Arc Prana Class -

Surya Namaskar & Pranayama         

Thursdays                                          8:30-9:30am

Cost: Free

Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) & Pranayama (breathing techniques of yoga) is a complete practice in mindfulness, combining precise movements with devotional awareness.

In this class you will have an opportunity to slow down the practice, make corrections and “work out the kinks” in your practice. We will explore the traditional sequence in detail and its connection to the symbolism of the chakras and the breath.

Free of charge and open to all. Advance registration requested. No prior experience required. Please join us!

Arc Fun Time

Friday                                                 6:30-8:30pm

This class will change on a weekly basis covering a variety or offerings from advanced asana to cooking to meditation and more. 

Next cooking class held 4/24

Arc Private Yoga

By appointment only                             60 minutes            

Private Yoga sessions are designed to specifically cater to the physical, mental and spiritual needs of each individual. Great for those who are looking for one on one guidance in developing their practice or looking for relief from a specific mental or physical ailment.


Arc Prenatal

*Private/Semi-Private Available

This class offers safe, appropriate movement for women in all stages of pregnancy in a supportive environment as method of self-care and preparation for labor, delivery and becoming a mother. Pregnancy Yoga addresses the woman in a holistic way – relaxing tension from the body, keeping muscles and joints strong and supple, calming and focusing the mind and creating positive visualizations and affirmations for birth. All are welcome and no experience necessary.