I have been seeing Himanshu for massage since I moved here in 2014, and I've never seen anyone else since! He is so intuitive with his massage and his practice is very diverse; he is very knowledgeable of all type of massage techniques depending on what my body needs that day. A few of my favorites: head massage for headaches, facial massage for sinus congestion, abdominal massage for digestive issues. He also practices cupping when it's needed, and ends every massage with a comforting hot towel and a few minutes to yourself to "enjoy this moment." The entire environment from the lighting to the music to the decor is clean, professional and soothing. Himanshu will gladly converse during your massage if that's what you wish, but I've also had nearly completely silent sessions with him when he knows I just need to zone out and relax. I cannot reccomend Himanshu enough - oh, and his Indian cooking classes are a must try as well!!! Beyond restaurant quality, always 8+ courses and so, so fun!

- Danielle B.


 I don't really do massages as I find it either too hard and painful or I'm getting tickled!  My chiropractor did recommend that I get a massage, so I did and I thought I give this one a try, and I'm GLAD I did!  He was professional and took his time!  It was a deep tissue and the pressure were tolerable  ! I would def go back!  Give this one a try, you won't regret it!

-Julz A.


Himanshu is knowledgeable, caring, and does incredible massage therapy work.  He knows how to heal.  After two deep tissue sessions with Himanshu, my hips, shoulders, and spine feel the best they have in years.  If I lived in San Diego, I would see him regularly. Unfortunately, I live in San Francisco and can only see him on occasional visits.  I would recommend Himanshu and Arc Yoga & Massage to anyone in need of highly effective deep tissue work. 

-Ali L.


In the five years of my practice, I have visited many yoga studios and trained under many instructors but Himanshu and Kayma are the very best. I love the intimacy and simplicity of the Arc studio, the attention and assistance they give to every student during class, and of course the chai and conversation that follows every class. I highly encourage everyone to give Arc a try! 

- Lisa Feuerstein


I really love this studio. It's amazing because of the small classes. I wish I could bring Kayma and Himanshu with me- I don't live in Ocean Beach but if I did, I would be a regular. Both of these teachers are super people who you'd want to know, not to mention really knowledgeable, amazing teachers. The small space is so full of beautiful energy. I love it and can't wit for class again tomorrow.

- Emily DiPaola


Where to begin?! I came here on a whim thanks to the 2 for $69 groupon and I am SO happy I did - Himanshu provided hands down (no pun intended!) THE best deep tissue massage I have ever gotten, and I am no stranger to massages! The pressure was perfect and he verified several times that it was OK for me or asked how I was feeling. I had never been massaged by a man before and was a little hesitant, but he was completely professional, cool and his conversation was light and hysterical, though if you are the type who prefers a silent massage I am positive he would pick up on that and just let you relax. Himanshu reached places in my muscles that have definitely never been reached before - in a good way! I attribute this to his unique style, including climbing on the bed itself and having me put my arms up on a chair (he asked if I was ok with that first of course). I can't find one knot in my shoulders or back as I type this, and I feel totally loose and euphoric. The studio itself is small and simple, the bed and sheets were clean and comfy and the music was perfect. The hot towels on my feet/calves/neck/face at the very end were a great touch, where he encouraged me to lie for a few minutes and "enjoy the moment" before getting dressed. I too bought a package which came with a gift certificate for a friend, and he upgraded my second Groupon massage from 60- to 90- minutes. I cannot wait for my next appointment with Himanshu and plan to start attending yoga here as well. Go , you WILL not regret it!

Danielle Rotondo

I discovered this wonderful place in OB in January and have been back 4 times since. Himanshu gives the best deep tissue massage I have ever received and I am no rookie! He will focus on areas that are hurting or tight if you ask. The atmosphere is very calming and clean. Overall a great experience each time. He is also starting to teach yoga classes in the next room over in the complex in a couple weeks. Can't wait! Worth the money.

- Morgan Martin


Absolutely wonderful experience! I have bought packages from Himanshu and have been 100% satisfied. I experience him as an honest and caring individual, not someone who would try to rip you off. I enjoy the packages because of the discounted rates and the excellent service. He is truly talented. I began by just getting a massage I saw on groupon but now I come every two weeks. He knows the body well and has made mine feel brand new. I am in a high stress masters counseling program and Himanshu is able to release my tension, leaving me feeling incredibly relaxed and centered. I also do cross fit and my muscles are usually pretty sore. His sessions have greatly helped with my soreness and flexibility. The overall experience I get at arc yoga and massage is one of tranquility and growth and I highly recommend his services to all of my friends, family, and you too! -

- Christan Hunter