Crystal is a certified Reiki Master who has received her Level I, Level II, and Level III Reiki certifications from the Usui System of Reiki & Natural Healing. Crystal’s first experience with Reiki occurred during her own journey of self-healing that began in 2017; she later became certified as a Reiki Practitioner and Master in 2018. Crystal provides a sacred space and a gentle smile through her authentic, loving, and kind-hearted nature. Using Reiki, Crystal helps to facilitate physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and nutritional healing. Reiki is a way to bring balance and harmony to your energy, giving you the freedom to explore and heal the inner depths of your subconscious.


Crystal believes that energy is always in motion, surrounding us and embodying us. That energy has the power to represent our reality. Understanding and directing that energy consciously with intention will transform your Life. Reiki creates clarity and guidance, shedding Light on your path in Life. By allowing yourself to be filled with this Light, Reiki will influence your past, present, and future.